High School and Post- Secondary

Week By Week Breakdown

Week 1:

This week adolescents will be doing a getting to know you. Group will also go over what the rest of the program will look, and the expectations of everyone in the program

Week 2:

This week adolescents will start the program, will talk about the three skills we will be teaching them over the next few weeks; independence, self-esteem, and self-advocacy.

The facilitator can also introduce Human Library Project, show an example, and what the adolescents can add to their project

Week 3:

(To build on Human Library Project)


Once adolescents have a plan of what they want to do after high school, or in the future (ie: volunteer position, P/T Job) we want them to focus on independence and what it will look like for them in the path that they have chosen. Adolescents will be given scenario-based questions.

Week 4:

(To build on Human Library Project)

Self- Esteem

Once the lesson of independence comes into play, we will then add on self-esteem. How it plays a role in their lives as a young adult. How they can improve their self-esteem. This week Students will be continuing their Human Library Project using the skills that they learned in the previous weeks. Activities include self-care plans and how to recognize a bad self-esteem day.

Week 5:

(To Build on Human Library Project)

Self- Advocacy

This week’s focus is self- advocacy, and how it plays a role in individuals’ lives, how to improve self-advocacy and how to practice it in everyday activities.

​Week 6:

In the last session, recap everything learned over the last weeks. Adolescents will have an opportunity to share their human library projects, and also have an opportunity to provide feedback on the program itself.

Please note that we need a minimum of 3 individuals signed up to run workshops.