Elementary and Middle School

Week By Week Breakdown

Week 1:

This week will focus on introductions and getting to know the child. Conversations will be about their current interests and hobbies, what they want to do when they are older. Really just focus on who they are as a person. It is instrumental in the success of the rest of the session.

Week 2:

Self- Esteem: This week will introduce the concept of self-esteem. Want to instill the differences between positive self-esteem vs negative self-esteem.

Week 3:

Build on last week’s intro to self-esteem. This week will have the child focus on how they feel their self-esteem is. How to help make positive changes about their confidence and how that could benefit them on their journey.

Week 4:

This will be the introduction of independence. The importance but also to understand and alleviate the fear of independence.

Week 5:

Again this week will build on the concept of independence from the last session. Focus on how they can be more independent in their own lives and the benefits associated with it specifically in their own personal lives.

​Week 6:

The conclusion to the sessions. Want to draw a correlation between self-esteem and independence. To focus on the next steps - How they will use what they learned in the sessions to affect their life both currently and in their future goals. Also to ask if they would want to continue on a one - on - one counseling sessions.

Please note that we need a minimum of 3 individuals signed up to run workshops.