Ontario Connecting Students

Ontario Connecting Students is a not for profit organization designed to connect Ontario public school families with post secondary student volunteers who provide no cost virtual tutoring sessions."


Ontario Connecting Students, est une organisation à but non lucratif conçue pour mettre en relation les familles des écoles publique l'Ontario avec des étudiants bénévoles de niveau post-secondaire qui offrent des séances de turorat virtuelles et gratuites

Chromosome Apperal

Chromosome is a Canadian start-up brand that leverages fashion to build a culture of inclusion which supports and celebrates diversity. Chromosome uses style as a means to unearth the beauty of real human beings — in all our variations — as we remove outdated stigmas attached to disability, mental health, addictions, size & gender.

Powerfully powerless: Destiny

Destiny is a Trauma Recovery Coach.

"It was something I never thought about or seen myself doing but always have liked helping people. I just needed it to be in my own way on my terms. I never knew then that what I was doing and how I was navigating my world was in a Trauma-informed Care way. I only realized the impact it was having on me and the issues I face due to abuse, C-PTSD while living with a disability.

Traditional therapy, while helpful and has its place, focused more on the issue presented. Being a disabled person many of my issues weren’t at hand or to the forefront…because I was there for another purpose. Attention went to current symptoms and making them go away, with each person involved failing to realize the other issues that created blocks in my healing which were heavily seen by myself at home during homework or reading, when having to look for definitions to every second word I came upon. As you can imagine it created more concerns and struggles that a therapist doesn’t always have time to address and a feeling of failing at overcoming or dealing with my mental health. Mental Health and Physical Health seemed to always belong in separate spaces.

dear god, are we there yet?

We are in a world that is continuously changing, and therefore we must adapt to it. Thanks to social service, many lives are benefiting. That is why our passion leads us to seek alternatives that generate impact through small actions, which, over time, will dramatically positively influence our environment.

We live in a globalized world, and the experiences that we have today will transform lives that would make us reconnect with our human essence.

diversability leadership collective

The Diversability Leadership Collective is a members-only community that fosters meaningful connections and offers resources and opportunities to help accelerate you.

We are opening our doors to you today so that we can build the ideal space with you, our longtime Diversability community members and supporters, who were the motivation to create this. We hope that this space will become your springboard to join us in elevating disability pride.

For my Friends

My name is Gabby. I’m 25 years old from Toronto, Canada. I created formyfriendsco, literally for my friends. My friends have been my biggest supporters throughout my mental health journey struggling with anxiety and depression. Whether I’ve known them for a year or ten years, they have taken it upon themselves to become more educated on the topics, to understand my triggers and how to prevent them or help me through them. Ultimately, how to love me even though I don’t always love myself.